Hello, world!

My name is Mick B. I'm a computer systems engineer currently employed by Microsoft as a consultant.

You may view my resume here1. I occasionally write on Medium; my profile is here.

I love traveling! Some of my travel photography has been uploaded here.

I spend a lot of my free time reading books and building web applications.

I recently built Mickpedia2. This is a personal, private wiki that I use to store my notes, principles, and ideas as I learn new things. I use this as a digital extension of my working memory.

Before building Mickpedia, I built PropertyGrades3. If you're considering purchasing a condo, you can use PropertyGrades to volley postcard-driven survey invitations to all current residents of the property within a couple of clicks. This allows you to know what it's like to live somewhere before making any commitments.

Before building PropertyGrades, I built GuardMyPad4. This is a web application that upgrades your spare camera-equipped devices (spare phones, laptops, chromebooks - anything that supports WebRTC) into motion-detecting, alert-sending, video-capturing home security cameras.

Before building GuardMyPad, I built FStop5. This is a social network for visual artists. Soon after launching, FStop received press coverage and was nearly hugged to death.

Feel free to reach out to me any time if you think I can help you with something you're working on.

With optimism,

~ Mick

1 This was last updated in Q4 2018.

2 I kept reading books (or listening to podcasts, or watching videos) and realized that even if I took notes and reviewed them, I'd have a hard time truly synthesizing that knowledge into accessible nuggets that served me well later on in my life. It was typically in one ear, hang out for a few days or weeks, then out the other.

I decided to build a personal wiki to literally replicate the stuff of my mind in digital form so that I could anchor new knowledge to existing knowledge. This habit of [read > distill > weave] has tremendously enhanced my recall and synthesis despite the small cost I incur (processing new insights/information does take a bit more time now, but the ROI is much higher!).

Mickpedia is now private as I have decided to weave knowledge into my personal (and often polarizing) life experiences.

3 I built PropertyGrades after purchasing a condo and realizing that - had knowledge of its shortcomings been accessible - I could have had more data-driven leverage throughout my negotiation. PropertyGrades is my attempt to introduce transparency into power dynamics between property management and tenants in a broader effort to empower tenants, improve market efficiency, and incentivize healthy relationships between tenants and properties.

4 I built GuardMyPad after having my belongings stolen by housekeeping at hotels on multiple occasions, and after realizing that home security should be free. GuardMyPad solves the hardware problem by allowing you to recycle spare hardware by redefining its purpose with free software.

5 I built FStop after falling in love with photography and wanting to reduce the costs of artistic collaboration.