Mick B.

Los Angeles, CA

Hi! I'm Mick. I hold a BS in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I'm a Consultant for Microsoft's Modern Apps Solution Center - a COE operating as Microsoft's leading application development team within Microsoft Consulting Services. I spend my free time dabbling in photography, bringing my ideas to market, and helping others learn how to build software solutions.

When I'm faced with a new set of challenges, I like to deep-dive and synthesize my learnings into blog posts as much as I can. You can see some of those here.


DevOps C# ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET WebAPI HTML5/CSS3/Javascript Azure SignalR Web Scraping UI/UX Powershell Visual Studio TFS Entity Framework Dapper Selenium WebRTC Stripe Twilio Consulting Entrepreneurship Outsourcing Photography



2011 - Present

I've worked on a variety of engagements for both public and private sector organizations, ranging in size from $200k to $50M+. My primary technical skills include C#, Azure, ALM, Entity Framework, and front-end development.

Ernst & Young · DevOps

Q32017 - Present · Atlanta, GA · TFS · Azure

This engagement is focused on DevOps - something I wrote about here. My role is focused on improving the way that EY manages their configuration across applications and environments.

R&D · Platform Engineering

Q42016 - Q3 2017 · Seattle, WA · C# · Azure

This engagement was all about enabling automobile manufacturers to leverage Azure's IoT capabilities by connecting their automobiles to an advanced, domain-purposed telematics platform. The business value here is transformative - preventative maintenance, IoT analytics, fleet management, end-user client applications, and fleet simulation as a service are some of the capabilities we're building. Microsoft's Consulting Services is codevelop this platform with our Product Group in partnership with several key automobile manufacturers.

JPA · Full-Stack Development

Q42016 · Kuala Lumpue, Malaysia · C# · MVC · EF · JavaScript

This engagement served to modernize Malaysia's core military personnel and scholarship management systems, digitizing their document management system through an MVC application and introducing their technical teams to the Microsoft development ecosystem.

Los Angeles Unified School District · Application Architecture, ALM

Q42014 - Q42016 · Los Angeles, CA · C# · MVC · EF · JavaScript · Release Management · TFS · Powershell

This project focused on upgrading LAUSD's student information system (MiSiS). Prior to Microsoft's engagement, the technology powering MiSiS was unstable and often times left students and faculty unable to access critical records including transcripts and attendance records. My involvement in this effort was focused around the modernization of both the technical implementation and developer skillsets. I was then tasked with the ALM throughout the modernization process - automating the provisioning and maintenance of over 40 dev/test environments, supporting the needs of over 140 developers.

McKesson · Full-Stack Development

Q12014 - Q42014 · Charlotte, NC · C# · MVC · Knockout

This engagement rebuilt major components of McKesson's EHR product.

NewsCorp · Full-Stack Development

Q32013 - Q12014 · New York, NY · C# · Selenium · Angular

This project was focused on building out an internal document management system for NewsCorp's leadership team.

Public Sector · Full-Stack Development

2011 - 2013 · Washington, DC · C# · CRM · WebAPI

These engagements were focused on a combination of greenfield development and functional improvements to existing solutions.



Q22017 - Present (on autopilot) · GuardMyPad

I travel a lot and have had my belongings stolen on multiple occasions. I built GuardMyPad - a web-based home security application built with WebRTC – to solve this problem. It's currently in alpha as I experiment with the feature set and try to achieve product-market fit, though it's looking like this one will just be a personal project based on overall market trends (dedicated devices getting cheaper).

GuardMyPad allows you to - within a few clicks - repurpose any connected cameras into motion-detecting, video-recording, alert-sending security cameras. You may configure audio and motion detection sensitivity as well as your storage provider; GuardMyPad can store your media directly on the recording device, in your own personal cloud storage, or in GuardMyPad cloud storage. It's a really sleek, simple, yet powerful set of features that I'm really proud of.


Q32016 - Present (on autopilot) · FStop

I fell in love with photography and found it difficult to find professional models to work with. I built FStop - a niche social network for artists – to solve this problem. It now serves over 50,000 active users across all major cities, worldwide.

FStop features profile swiping, real-time messaging and notifications (built with SignalR and Azure Notification hubs), a feed where users can post, comment on, and upvote content, image hosting and transformation managed via Cloudinary (primary) and Imgur (failover), user profiles with Instagram embedding, message broadcasts, profile reporting, and more.

While my technical skills grew a lot through this project, my team-building, project management, process automation, planning & prioritization, marketing, outsourcing, budgeting and entrepreneurship skillsets all grew exponentially. Putting this project on autopilot is a result of the harsh reality that monetizing a community is hard unless you have a massively engaged and exponentially growing one. The problem I was trying to solve here isn't a big enough problem to turn into a self-sustaining business - it's a niche within a niche and now lives through the contributions of our Patreon donors.